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Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 Diabetes

Get the right diagnosis

What if your test results showed no signs of Type II Diabetes? What if the medical establishment had it all wrong? Expensive and side-effect-laden prescription drugs and insulin injections may not be the best treatments for treating Type II Diabetes long term.

We understand, and we can help.

Most diabetics, when diagnosed worry about the effects of the disease. They worry about losing a limb or their eye sight. They worry about their kidneys, and their heart health. They worry about the effects on not just themselves, but on their family. And rightfully so! The effects of diabetes can be devastating. Unfortunately, it is one of the most mismanaged diseases out there today.

Diabetics feel the constant stress of their disease. The disease that causes them to take diabetic drugs, inject themselves with insulin, take high blood pressure medications, and cholesterol lowering drugs, and check their blood sugar levels several times a day…only to be frustrated and angry by the obvious signs that their treatment is not working. This often robs them of energy so they no longer have the will to participate as they once did in life. They give up.

If you have diabetes, this probably sounds familiar to you. We are here to let you know that there is another option. Our clinical model may be able to help you change your life. We have seen patients who have been to multiple “experts” in the main stream medical field and were told there was nothing more they could do but continue to manage the disease with medication. They were wrong! Patients are able to regulate their glucose, reduce or eliminate medications, have more energy, improve or eliminate complications, and really live life again. Medical research has proven it and we see it happen every day in our office.

How do we do this? When a patient is accepted into care in our office, they are given the attention and time needed to determine the REAL cause of their disease. Then we work to restore function to the body.