Regenerative Medicine at Inner Health 360

Regenerative medicine supports the body to repair, regenerate, and restore itself to a healthier state. Innerhealth 360 customizes a variety of approaches to optimize outcomes with each individual.

Exosomes contain large amounts of growth factors, cytokines, mRNA, and other substances that elicit high regenerative capabilities. These small vesicles which are secreted by stem cells can transfer their regenerative potential to other cells due to their unique structure. Compared to stem cells, exosomes do not contain DNA, replicate, or contain live cells.

Plasma rich proteins (PRP) comes from the plasma (liquid) portion of blood and contains high concentrations of healing proteins which accelerates the healing, repairing, and regeneration of healthy tissue.

This process introduces undifferentiated cells into areas of damaged tissue with the goal of replacing, repairing, and regenerating dead or damaged cells. Therefore, restoring function and homeostasis to the problematic site.