Our Story

Too many people living with “chronic” diseases such as diabetes and hypothyroidism feel helpless.

They’re told by their doctors that they need to learn to live with it…to “manage” it. As the years go on they find themselves having to take more and more medications but they are still getting worse with time…not better.

It’s a fresh new approach and it gets RESULTS!

Despite doing everything they’re told, they begin to have complications from the disease or live with the constant fear of complications. They lose hope. It can put a strangle hold on a your life…

What if there was a way to change your current state? How would it feel to actually be free of the worry and complications?

There is HOPE! We see people having more energy, regulating blood sugar, losing weight, feeling like themselves again. We don’t do this using the typical medical route of simply medicating the symptoms of the disease. We look for the underlying issues creating it in the first place and work to restore function in the body.

Diabetes almost killed my mom…

Before I became a physician, diabetes caused my mom to have 5 strokes. She could no longer walk, talk, or even use the restroom on her own. Diabetes robbed her of her quality of life and my 2 young daughters of a grandma to spoil them like the loving, involved woman she once was…and wished she still could be.

This is why I do what I do. I have made it my personal mission to stop this disease from devastating other families like it did mine.

I, along with my team of doctors and researchers have spent thousands of hours researching the absolute best approaches for helping patients regulate their sugar, being able to reduce or even eliminate the need for medications, have more energy, lose weight without exercise, and seeing other complications disappear.

We see people that based on their secondary test results have no visible sign of the disease almost every day in our office. Give us a call today to see if you qualify for a free consultation.

​~ Dr. Andrew Anthony, D.C., FNP-C, CCSP, MUAC.

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